Strategic Insights


Strategic Insights Annual 2017

Strategic Insights 2017 pulls together perspectives from across our global partnership on some of the complex challenges and opportunities facing our clients today.

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  • The Kaisers of Construction

    Manufacturers who go online will get on fine in the German construction market

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  • Taking a Bite out of India’s Growing Organic Market

    A food revolution is under way and demand for organics is soaring in the US and Europe

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  • Is Content Still King?

    News organisations prepare for the next wave of media disruption

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  • Brothers in Arms

    A new perspective on services procurement that benefits both service providers and buyers

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  • Scaling New Heights

    The mobile economy establishes a strong foothold in Turkey

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  • Dress for Success

    Opportunities in China’s apparel market

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  • Marginal Gains

    Global FMCG players are responding to fundamental market shifts

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